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1. Miso (V)£2.50Alight Dashi Soup Flavoured with Miso Paste. Served with Bean Curd and Wakame
2. Edamame (V)£4.00Green Vegetable Soybeans, A Freshly Harvested Variety of Succulent Beans
3. Spicy Edamame (V)£4.50
4. Japanese Dumpling (V) (6pcs)£5.00Vegetables and Bean Curd
5. Chicken Dumpling (4pcs)£5.00
6. Boiled Dumplings (8pcs)£6.00
7. Ebi Fry (4pcs)£5.00Prawn Katsu
8. Pumpkin Croquette (V) (2pcs)£5.00
9. Tori Karrage£5.50Chicken in Mayonnaise
10. Agedashi Tofu (V) (4pcs)£4.50
11. Vegetable Spring Rolls (V) (6pcs)£4.00
12. Kimchi (V)£4.50
13. Yasai Itame (V)£4.50Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
14. Starter Set for 2 persons£12.002x miso soup, 2x grilled chicken skewer, 4x pancake roll, 1x salad and 2x gyoza
R1. Plain Sushi Rice with Sesame£3.00
Classic Japanese Deep Fried Batter
15. Mix Vegetable (V) (8pcs)£7.50
16. Soft Shell Crab (V)£9.50
17. King Prawn (5pcs)£9.00
18. Mix Tempura (8pcs)£9.002 Prawn, 2 Fish and 4 Vegetables
19. Oysters (8pcs)£8.50
20. Sweet Potatoes (V) (10pcs)£7.50
Traditional Grilled Japanese Skewers Coated In Yakimono Sauce
21. Vegetable Skewer (V)£4.50
22. Grilled Chicken Skewer£4.50
24. Aubergine Skewer (V)£4.50With Miso Sauce
25. Courgettes Skewer (V)£4.50
26. Green Salad (V)£4.20
27. Seaweed Salad (V)£4.20
28. Salmon Salad£5.50
29. Sashimi Salad£5.50
30. Chuka Wakame (V)£5.00Japanese Seaweed
Japanese Rice
Served with Japanese Rice
32. Katsudon£10.80Chicken
Japanese BBQ Eel£16.80Grilled Japanese Eel with "Unagi" Sauce
Tonkatsudon (pork)£10.80deep fried breaded pork escalope with egg and sauce
Comes with Rice
34. Teriyaki Chicken£10.80Teppen Fried Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce
35. Teriyaki Sirloin Beef£12.80
36. Teriyaki Tofu (V)£9.80
37. Teriyaki Salmon£11.30
Japanese Curry
Comes with Rice
38. Yasai Katsu Curry (V)£10.30Mix Vegetable Deep Fried in Batter
39. Tofu Curry (V)£10.30
40. Chicken Curry£11.30
41. Roast Duck Curry£10.30
42. Sirloin Beef Curry£13.30
Donburi Dishes
Comes with Sushi Rice
44. Salmon Donburi£12.50
45. Special Seafood Donburi£13.50
Soup Base Noodle
46. Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Ramen£11.30Miso Soup
47. deep fried breaded pork Ramen£11.30Miso Soup
48. Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Udon£11.30Soya Soup
49. Roast Duck Udon£11.30Soya Soup
Traditional Style Ramen£11.30miso soup
Traditional Style Udon£11.30soya soup
52. Mixed Vegetable Ramen (V)£10.80Miso Soup
53. Mixed Vegetable Udon (V)£10.50Soya Soup
54. Seafood Special Ramen£12.80Miso Soup
55. Seafood Special Udon£12.50Soya Soup
Yakisoba and Yakiudon
Stir Fried Noodle
56. Deep Fried Chicken With Yakisoba£11.50
57. deep fried pork with Yakisoba£11.50
58. Deep Fried Chicken With Yakiudon£11.50
59. Roast Duck With Yakiudon£11.50
60. Mixed Vegetable Yakisoba (V)£10.30
61. Mixed Vegetable Yakiudon (V)£10.30
62. Teriyaki Chicken Yakisoba£12.00
63. Teriyaki Chicken Yakiudon£12.00
64. Seafood Special Yakisoba£12.80
65. Seafood Special Yakiudon£12.80
66. Teriyaki Sirloin Beef Yakisoba£14.50
67. Teriyaki Sirloin Beef Yakiudon£14.50
Nigiri Sushi
Finger shaped rice, topped with various toppings - 2 pieces
68. Salmon£4.00
70. Seabass£4.20
71. Octopus£4.20
72. Squid£4.20
73. Sweet Prawn£4.20
74. Prawn£4.20
75. Grilled Eel£4.80
76. Mackerel£4.20
77. Surf Clam£4.50
78. Hotate£4.80
79. Sweet Egg (V)£3.80
80. Tofu Pouch (V)£3.80
81. Asparagus (V)£3.80
82. Mushrooms (V)£3.80
83. Crab Stick£4.20
84. Tobiko£4.60
Small seaweed roll of rice (6pcs)
85. Salmon£4.50
87. Crabstick£4.30
88. Ginger (V)£3.60
89. Yellow Pickles (V)£3.60
90. Eel£5.30
91. Cucumber (V)£3.60
92. Avocado (V)£3.60
93. Asparagus (V)£3.60
95. Mushrooms (V)£3.60
Inside out roll/choice of filling with rice on the outside (6pcs)
96. Salmon and Avocado£5.50
98. Spicy Salmon and Cucumber£5.50
100. Prawn Tempura and Avocado£6.00
101. Crispy Duck and Cucumber£6.00
102. Salmon Skin and Cucumber£4.80
103. California Roll£5.50
104. Crab Meat Roll£6.00
105. Inari Roll (V)£5.00Dry Tofu
Inside out roll/choice of filling with rice on the outside (8pcs)
107. Red Tiger Roll£13.90King Prawn, Salmon, Cucumber, Japanese Mayonnaise
108. White Tiger Roll£13.90King prawn, Seabass, Cucumber, Japanese Mayonnaise
109. Rainbow Roll£13.90Tuna, Salmon, Seabass, Cucumber, Avocado, fish egg with Mayonnaise
110. Dragon Roll£16.80King prawn, Cucumber, with Avocado inside and Fish Egg on top, with unagi sauce
111. Soft Shell Crab Roll£15.80
112. King Prawn Tempura Roll£12.80
113. Tokyo Roll£12.90Deep Fried Chicken and Avocado with spicy Mayonnaise
114. Spider Roll£14.80Soft shell crab, avocado and fish egg with unagi sauce
115. Vegetarian Roll (V)£9.80
116. Spicy Prawn Roll£12.80
117. Philadelphia Roll£12.80Philadelphia cheese, Salmon, Cucumber and Avocado
118. Kegon Roll£16.80Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber with Eel on the top and with Unagi sauce
119. Roast Duck Roll£13.80Roast Duck, Cucumber and Hoi Sin Sauce
Cone shaped roll stuffed with rice and fillings
120. Salmon and Avocado£4.80
122. Spicy Salmon and Cucumber£4.80
123. Prawn Tempura£5.00
124. Eel and Cucumber£5.00
125. Salmon Skin and Cucumber£4.30
126. California£4.80
127. Soft Shell Crab£5.30
128. Mixed Vegetable (V)£4.00
129. Crab Meat£5.00
4 pieces per serving. Sashimi is raw, thinly sliced foods, served with a dipping sauce and simple garnishes
131. Salmon£6.00
132. Seabass£5.60
133. Octopus£6.00
134. Amaebi£5.50
135. Hotate£6.50
136. Surf Clam£5.50
137. Mackerel£5.00
Special Sashimi Set (Sashimi Sets)£21.8018 pieces
Large Sashimi Set (Sashimi Sets)£39.8036 pieces
Sashimi Set
138. Salmon and Tuna (7pcs)£11.20
139. Special Sashimi (Set 18pcs)£23.50
140. Large Sashimi (Set 36pcs)£41.50
Special Maki
141. Wasabi Parcel (6pcs)£9.00Salmon with Wasabi Sauce, Japanese Mayonnaise with fish egg on top
142. Salmon Sandwich (8pcs)£9.00Salmon and Avocado with Japanese Mayonnaise
143. Salmon Rose (4pcs)£7.00Salmon Avocado, Fish Eggs with Japanese Mayonnaise on the top
Sushi Set
Ss1. Maki Set and Salmon Sashimi (13pcs)£13.20
Ss2. Nigiri Set and Salmon Sashimi (11pcs)£15.20
Ss3. Salmon Set (11pcs)£12.502 pieces salmon nigiri, 3 pieces salmon sashimi and 6 pieces salmon avocado roll
Ss4. Tuna Set (11pcs)£12.502 pieces tuna nigiri, 3 pieces tuna sashimi and 6 pieces tuna roll
Ss5. Vegetable Set (12pcs)£10.506 pieces vegetable nigiri and 6 pieces vegetable hosomaki
Ss6. Chef Choice Sushi Set (24pcs)£31.006 pieces Maki, 8 pieces Nigiri and 10 pieces Sashimi, served with 2 Miso
Set Meals
Set Meal For 2A£43.00(served with 2 miso soups) 4x chicken gyoza, edamame, 2x pumpkin croquette, 8x king prawn tempura roll, 8x chef choice nigiri, 3x salmon sashimi, 3x tuna sashimi
Set Meal For 2B£40.00(served with 2 miso soups) 2x chicken skewers, 6x japanese dumplings, 4x fuji roll, 6x chefs choice nigiris, 4x salmon sashimi, 1x teriyaki chicken rice
Sake Japanese
Cold Sake (300 ml)£11.80
Beer Japanese
Asahi Super Dry (330 ml)£3.80
Pinot Grigio£11.90
Pinot Grigio - Merlot Rose£12.90
Coca-Cola (330 ml)£1.10
Diet Coca-Cola (330 ml)£1.10More
Sake Japanese£0.00
Sprite (330 ml)£1.10
Fanta (330 ml)£1.10
Bottle of Soft Drink (1.5L)£2.50
Mineral Water (750ml)£2.00More